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White Sapphires & Rubies (choice of 8mmwedding ring,6mmwedding ring,5mm) Three Stone Ringwedding ring, Engagementwedding ring, Promise ringwedding ring, Anniversary Ringwedding ring, Holidays Giftwedding ring, Bridal Jewelry



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Beautiful Lab Created Round White Sapphire is the center of the stone 2.3 Carat ~ 8mm with two Rubies 5 mm ~ 0.60 ct. side stones, three stone style, marked Sterling Silver (925) Ring. This ring is my fancy colors combination Sapphires & Rubies collection! If you like sapphires & Rubies, you may want to collect these stunning sapphires colors combination three stone style rings at my shop. A beautiful classy, glamourous and elegant ring! The striking combination colors of White and Red color of this sapphire/rubies ring is so vivid and vibrant. This ring's colors are so much more beautiful than my pictures can show! I also offer two other smaller carats 5mm and 6mm with different prices. You have options to choose these smaller carats during checkout. The 5mm center is accompany with 4mm smaller side stones. But the 6mm center stone is accompany by 5mm side stones. The 5mm is approximately 0.6 carat, 4mm is approximately 0.34 carat and 6mm is approximately 1.05 carat. I also have matching Sapphire earrings, and necklaces on sale. Please do check into my Etsy Listing!I also have combination of 2.3 carat Blue Sapphire is the center of the stone with side white sapphires stones on my Etsy listing for sale. Please do check into my Etsy listing for another gorgeous color combination sapphires! Also, a perfect gift for promise ring, engagement wedding ring, holidays gift and anniversary ring, Or as a beautiful gift for yourself! I offer various sizes. Please choose your options when you checkout. I do offer to make this in 10kt gold. Please email me through Etsy Convo if you are interested. Thank you. Please do note: this is a lab created gemstones which means it's chemically, physical and optically identical to those natural mined stones. It has less flaws. Please do note: the picture is shown the prongs have not be tighten yet. When the ring is purchased, I custom made the ring and tighten the prongs. This is a custom to order. It takes at least 7-10 business days for the custom order to finish the ring after your payment is completed. I will email you as soon as the order is done and ready to be shipped. I appreciate customer patience for custom size rings. If you have questions, please feel free to email me. **I ALSO HAVE BEAUTIFUL NATURAL EARTH MINED GEMSTONES PENDANT, RINGS ON SALE ON MY ETSY LISTINGS. PLEASE BE SURE CHECK INTO MY OTHER ETSY LISTINGS FOR BEAUTIFUL NATURAL GEMSTONE JEWELRY ON SALE!**Gem: White Sapphire 2 carat 8mm (LAB CREATED), Two Rubies side stones 5mm~0.60Gem Type: LAB CREATED WHITE SAPPHIRE and LAB CREATED RED RUBIESClarity: Flawless Material: 925 Sterling Silver SettingShape: RoundSize: 6,7,8,9Thank you!, gift for her

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