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plain, THICK BAND SIMPLICITY (closed band) Adjustable 14K gold filled wire ring



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14K gold filled wire is wrapped around the mandrel six times, hammered to add texture, and the ends are filed to smooth the edges. A simple and elegant everyday ring.This ring is approximately 12mm wide.\u2665OPEN AND CLOSED BANDThese bands can be made "open"(picture 4-5) or "closed"(picture 1 ~ 3). This listing is for the closed band. (Although you can also open or close the band by yourself!)The open band version is available here --http://www./shop/muyinmolly/search?search_query=thick+band+&search_submit=&search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_5178160&shopname=muyinmolly\u2665SIZEThe wire end is not soldered, so the size is slightly adjustable by manipulating the shank(you can do this by hand. No tool is required). To ensure a perfect fit,however,please still let me know the size you desire at checkout.******************NOTE: because this is a very wide band, please order ONE SIZE LARGER THAN WHAT YOU USUALLY WEAR.******************Check out my etsy shop for more designs!http://www./shop/muyinmollyFollow me on Facebook -- Twitter -, plain

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